Resources for eating well in Canada

I live in Canada.... up north (not too far!) in Edmonton, AB...  I wanted to share some resources with you to eat raw vegan here in Edmonton or Canada. 


Online - Canada: 

Upaya Naturals    Best quality sunflower seeds ever !   Lots of great vegan food, supplies and equipment.  

Mumms Sprouting Seeds  You can find these in local health food stores, but a great resource if you want to buy bulk seeds like sunflower for sprouting, buckwheat, and wheatgrass.  

Organic Matters Great prices, the best I've found so far !!!  

Of course... there is AMAZON too !!! 


Stores in Edmonton, AB area: 

Spud   Great for organic produce and microgreens delivered to your door!   Enter this PROMO code to receive $20 off your first purchase:  CREDM-MORERL

Blush Lane Organic Market    Great place to stop by to buy organic and non-GMO groceries.

Earth's General Store  Awesome place to buy exactly what you need from the huge variety of bulk section.   Bring your own containers and fill them up !

Vegans & Vegetarians of Alberta    Great resource with regularly updated Diner's Guide

Guide to Farmer's Market in Edmonton area    Many of the markets are seasonal, however there are a few that run year-round. 


Happy Shopping Everyone !!!!   


Have questions???   

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