Would you eat eggplant in front of a steakhouse ?

So there seems to be an increase in media coverage of eating meat or slaughtering meat in front of vegans whether it be at events, restaurants, small businesses.   Let's be frank...  this is an offensive way of gaining attention and it generates the wrong message.   In our western society we have grown up with bad information that eating meat is essential to our diet, is it a big surprise when only 10% of the population identify as Vegetarians or Vegans ?    The entire system has to change.  Is it really effective trying to offend your fellow person ?   There is so much mis-information in the mainstream about the vegan diet AND the SAD diet,  judging each other on what we eat isn't going to solve the issues because one side has to feel bad.   Education and success stories will change and inspire others.  Do your best, do better than yesterday and stop trying to offend vegans because it makes YOU look stupid.

Please share your thoughts, would you eat eggplant in front of a steakhouse ?  


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